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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by PocketPlayRealms, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. This is my current server specs....tell me if I need to upgrade something to improve performance..

    Intel Xeon E3-1270V3
    16 RAM for 200 players and 1 to 25 plugins.
    HDD 1 - 500GB 7.2K HDD (Is that enough or should I upgrade? Because soon it would be 1000 players up when the server grows)
    HDD 2
    HDD 3 - Should I add? Is that necessary? What does this means? What does this do in my server?
    HDD 4

    Raid - None. Should I add?
    Monthly Transfer - 5TB (Should I upgrade to 10TB)
    IP Addresses - (/29) 5 IPv4 (there is an upgrade of 13 and 29. Should I add? What does this do on server?
    DDOS Protection - Automated Nullroute (Should I upgrade to 10gbps protection
    OS - CentOS 6
    Buydown (wat is this) sounds new
    Control Panel - Multi craft 5 Server
  2. Hex

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    Depends on how many servers you intend to run. Also, DDoS protection is a good investment in the Minecraft industry. A nullroute doesn't count. :p
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  3. MikeA

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    I would recommend getting an SSD to put your world files on (or your whole MC server), you'll likely see a good performance boost with over 70 players online on an SSD compared to a regular HDD.
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  4. Yup, get that SSD power!
  5. I will be happy to explain each one of these "part" of the server.

    An extra large drive bay (assuming what you meant by HDD 3+) will allows you to have more storage devices.

    RAID allows you to have data redundancy in most cases (RAID 0 is the sole exception).

    Here a basics

    RAID 1 allows you to have data in two separate drives so if one goes then you can still carry on with the one remaining. This also buys you a bit of time to schedule a replacement when your able to do it (do it ASAP always)

    RAID 10 allows you to combine basically two RAID 1 arrays into one. This one provides you the BEST performance you can get while protecting your data at the same time.

    Those two are the two RAID used in gaming and MInecraft industry.

    I recommend you don't worry about your bandwidth unless the the 5TB getting too close to being all used up. Then seek for an upgrade then.

    Additional IPv4 (formally called IPs/dedicated IPs) would allow you to host more servers on port 25565 instead of putting them on different ports.

    Depending on the provider you will lose 1-2 in actual usages (A main for the machine plus maybe one for the IPMI). Meaning you will be able to host 3-4 servers on port 25565 order 13+ if you need more than that. DO NOT order additional IPs if your bungeecording, instead private network WITHIN the machine itself with the IP of and ONLY hook up Bungeecord server to the public internet. This will keep your network from hackers whose would otherwise tries to join poorly configured networked servers.

    DDoS protection is not an option it NEEDED in hosting Minecraft. 10Gbps will do you decently until you get pretty large then you will want ~50Gbps or so to keep regular boosters from pulling you offline.

    A "buydown" means the provider is offering you to "buy down" contract. Make sure you understand what in it for you and how much your paying to get the offer.

    An example would be if I were to pay upfront $100 on a $125/month server. Then the price being dropped to $115/month ($10/month off). In this case it would take you 10 months to break even within the deal. So make sure you will stay there to make it worth "investing" into them.

    Other notes

    So in the end I would recommend a PAIR of SSDs in RAID 1 and throw in a HDD for regular backups.

    Bonus points for taking off network backups.
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  6. This helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Those things cleared my mind :) and questions.
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  7. No problems! I am glad that you has all your current questions and concerns cleared up. :)

    Happy hosting!
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