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  1. Hello Minecraft server hosts!
    Today I have a proposition, I need a free server sponsorship (YES, free)
    I know it sounds crazy but I have a fully developed and tested plan

    I would like a 1 or 2 GB server with multicraft...or some other control panel
    I have been a server owner 2 times...both times the servers did extremely well...but the host fell through on their promises. They didn't continue to prove the service that I required and eventually totally quit responding.

    The way I will run the server is with all donations of the first rounds of donations going to the host to keep the server up and once the server is able to stay up I will start to receive some of the money.
    I have done this with the other 2 servers I owned and within the first weeks the first server made $100 and the second made $120...But like I said...the hosts stopped contact with us and didn't keep their promises.

    The type of server we will make is a sky wars kit pvp with a bunch of fun twists...Both of the last servers we did were this exact thing and saw 20 people coming on at the same time every day...
    That is the end of my proposal please MSG if you are interested.
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  2. 512MB or 1GB isn't going to get you far, unless you are running survival with no plugins and little players.

    My tip: Save up money. Don't start a server unless you can afford to do so.
  3. Your right about the 512 not getting me far...I changed it to higher....I have done this 2 times already...its prove to work..but thanks for reading
  4. If you don't have a big budget dude, don't start a server.
    You need at least $100 nowadays, in the past $5 could make you a good server, but not anymore.
  5. thanks for the info...Im still going to try though
  6. You seriously can't find $5.00/month to get a server yourself?
  7. I can, but I am unable to make any transactions because of my parents...thats why I am only using this plan instead of buying one myself.
  8. Sorry but... why do you always... talk like this... It really irritates me... and it looks unprofessional
  9. Use that money you made.
  10. If you are unable to make any transactions, you're better off waiting until your parents either let you, or you are old enough. Running a server is like running a business, being able to make transactions is important. Maybe you should just wait.
  11. One of the problems with the host I told you about is that he took the money. We we still trying to secure 6 months of the server in funding and then he just quit responding and took our money.
  12. You lost the money twice? Why didnt you just switch hosts?
  13. I lost the money flat out the second time. The first time the host said he wasn't getting enough business and ran off with my money.
    And now I'm here trying to make the same deal with someone else who is more trustworthy.
  14. Dear god. You are not ready to run a server. Lol.
  15. I am ready, The weather I didn't get money or not, I convinced 2 different hosts to sponsor me based on nothing but a written request stating what I would do. Like the one above.
  16. These people are not hosts. They are slightly wiser kids at home, that know how to set up a server, and ftp access. A host is a company, or at least someone that is reliable. You don't want to just go picking some kid up on forums to host you. They need to be trust worthy.
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  17. I'd recommend not running a server.,Enjoy having no host. :)