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  1. Hello, I have recently created a server and bought a host - right now I need someone to help me with it. Is there a place on this forum where I can advertise for that?
  2. Are you asking for a systems administrator?
  3. If you need someone to set up all your plugins and such, that's different from in game staff.

    I would gladly assist you with setting up a server/plugins, though that doesn't mean I will do everything for you if it's a more complex server. Skype is wincam98 if you're interested.
  4. No, I mean in-game staff. A community manager who would take care of advertising [I suck at it], getting new players and take care of the existing ones [would have to be a calm, kind person with experience and lots of creativity] and maybe a graphic artist. I ran lots of servers [first time a dedicated hosted one] and also am a computer technician/programmer, so plugins, content and such are not a problem, but working alone is just ... kind of depressing :p

    I've had loads of people log in only to ask if I need staff, but when asked for experience, what would they help with and such they just all turned out to be wanting console access / GM / OP for ... reasons. that's why I came to ask on here

    Also, if the advertising would need $$$ [ads on sites, credits on server lists etc] that would not be a problem
  5. As much as I would like to take such a role, I can't really guarantee my enjoyment and dedication to the job would last any massive amount of time. If you simply can't find another soul fit for the job, I would gladly help out as much as I could, though I'd suggest trying to find someone with a little more immediate enthusiasm than myself first :p
  6. Thanks techni - if noone with immediate enthusiasm shows up in 9 hours, when I'm back from work I will gladly abuse... I mean use yours :D

    Kay, I'm back. techni, I have tried searching for your name on skype but it doesn't find anything - could you please find me? My nickname is gabrieldorian

    Kind greetings,
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  7. Mc-market has a sketchy section on that
  8. JamesJ


    i require:
    your bank details
    your name, address, eye color, your biometrics, your fingerprint, a dna sample.
    $150,000,000 to my PayPal

    and then I can install essentials for you.
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  9. I can help you byt it costs 20 a month if i must stickibg with to help you out or pay me per job
  10. Jesseke, please contact me on skype. Nickname: gabrieldorian. I'm ok with paying - as long as the job is done well, and I can see the results it's worth it.
  11. What's the server going to be about? Factions? KitPvP? Prison?
  12. Ign:awesomekody
    Sry No Skype But I am Proud To Do Work In The Server
  13. Contact me, we specialize in advertising and developing and even building but we need a small payout.