Server started strong, but ended weak

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Nescu, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Given the fact that I hosted the server on my PC, it was pretty crowded.
    It's a semi-vanilla, survival. Not sure exactly what semi-vanilla realyl means, but it's like this. Just survival, but with no PvP, and anti-grief plugins.
    Started off strong and now it's slowly dying and I don't know what else to do. Have like 4 constant players left, and I don't wanna close it to ruin their work. Wanna keep going and keep growing.

    Any tips are welcomed!

    Have a nice one!
  2. The gameplay is probably shallow and the lack of things to do affects your player base. Additionally, downward player trends tend to accelerate as people migrate to more popular servers due to a better experience provided by a larger player base.
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  3. So basically, new server have kinda of no chance. They may be considered "successful" if they have 30 players.
  4. You need something unique, something special. There's too much vanilla/semi-vanilla-whatever-that-means servers out their for yours to get attractive that easily. Promote, custom events, custom plugins, etc.
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  5. Neat! Thanks!
  6. Strahan


    When I hear "semi-vanilla" I figure it's going to be a Spigot server only running non-game changing plugins like grief monitoring, world management for admins, etc. A server that to a player cannot be discernible from a real vanilla server, save when they try to grief something.
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