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Crash Server stopped responding - no crash report - build #934

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Elreador, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I've updated my server's spigot version from build #879 to #934 and also have updated a plugin I'm developping at about the same time, so I'm wondering what exactly is the cause of the problem.

    From time to time, the server seems to stop completely from responding and simply crashes. There is only a Thread Dump (http://pastebin.com/K4Ccq12Q) and no crash report. I have to kill the process and restart it.

    The active plugins on it are :
    • NoSpawnChunks v0.3 de.bananaco.nospawnchunks.NoSpawnChunks [codename_B]
    • PTweaks v6.0.5 me.devplugin.ptweaks.PerformanceTweaks []
    There is also my plugin I have developped. It contains an HSQLDB and a VertX server (which is using io.netty), so it might be a netty conflict or the HSQLDB (though, my plugin has been running with the HSQLDB for a while without any issues and only recently did I put the VertX server with WebSocket connections).
    It is running on a Raspberry Pi if it can help...
  2. You are using spigot with PTweaks? Why?
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  3. To reduce the number of saves to the disk of the chunks. I've read a few threads about how to tweak minecraft on the Raspberry Pi, one of them being to use Spigot and also have some performance tweaking plugins like PTweak.

    If I remember, I did some quick tests of having PTweak enabled and disabled and there was slightly less lag when PTweak was enabled.