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  1. Hello everyone,

    Since yesterday Morning my Spigot 1.9 server. Randomly stopped responding After diffrent times Running without porblems. Dosn't matter Le anyone is online or not. Please can someone help me?!
  2. Code (Text):
     Startup script '/home/minecraft/' does not exist! Stopping server.
  3. Thanks for your Quick answer. I changed the Path to in the confing and restartet the Server!
    But Why does it Take 4-6h Till the Server crashes if the Path to the Restart Script is wrong?

    Sorry for my Bad english
  4. I don't personally know what the issue is but I saw that error and had to comment xD. Do you have any weird plugins that could possibly affect that?
  5. I don't know wich Plugin could cause this Problem. Because i did Not change anything and now the Error happens.

    I Made a Complete start, mem, pl und Stop Pastbin. I Hope you can tell me that you find the issue.

    All Plugins that are installed
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  6. I have the same issue on 1.9.4 no errors, just stop
  7. Finally i changed the Path to and it solved the Error. But Now i got a new Problem that the Server couldnt Start After an Error. It trys to run the Script but then stopps and says Port in use. It didnt Kill the pid
  8. In the world folders sometimes there is a session lock remove that folder, restart server and it should work again
    This happens at random times.

    Good luck