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  1. I opened my server normally but then it time out and stopped the server itself
    (I don't have that stuff so it just stopped)
    Pastebin link:

    Idk if this is all of the crash report, plz reply if you need more information
    (Sorry for my bad English)
  2. Use buildtools to get the latest 1.11.2 version
    If you still get the same error then post the whole crash report :)
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  4. Can you send me a list of your plugins
    Your world seems to be corrupted try another world and try again
  5. The server works after I generated a new random world.
    But how can I save my world? Cause I built many things in that world.

    My plugins :

    It doesn't look like that it should be the problem
    p.s. Multiworld and TrainCarts also
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  6. Check if the world works in singleplayer
  7. Yes, it runs normally in singleplayer
  8. Try deleting the player data and players files in the world
  9. Surprisingly it worked after deleting playerdata and the file of TrainCarts.But I am not sure if it is the only two problems cause the server worked once when I deleted TrainCarts from my plugin file but then it generated another problem again.
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  10. wow I was right...It is broken again
    Now I get another crash:
    I found out that every time I delete the playerdata file it worked for a while and now when the second player joins the server crashes
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  11. If you have any protocol hack plugin remove it Ex via version
    And try letting other players in maybe a soecial player has a hack client that crashes the server
  12. It still crashes after removing ViaVersion.
    Are there any protocol hack plugins in my plugin list?
  13. try removing MinePacks or CTSNC_Displayname?
  14. I figured that out for a while but it seemed that it has multiple problems.

    Does it helps if I re-setup everything of the server?
  15. I highly recommend disabling your plugins one by one to see which one is causing it. There's really no other way to tell.
  16. I guess PlaceHolderAPI