Server stops every time i enter a chunk.

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  1. Hey
    So last night i spent 7 hours building a shop for my server. Once i was done i had set a warp there and went onto the next thing on my list. When i went back there my server just stopped. The server seemed to of shut its self down. I started my server back up and tried to log in but it had just stopped the server again. I started the server back up again and had gotten on one of my aults and this time the server didn't stop. When i had put in /warp shop and tped there the server closed again. I stared it back up and got the Co-Owner on and he had the same problem. Every time anyone gets evan close to that shop i had spent so long building the server just stops.

    This is the crash report i got --->

    I really hope somone can help ;(
  2. Looks like your Chunks have corrupted NBT-Data :(
  3. Is there a way to fix this without deleting the world?
  4. I don't know...
    Did you mess around with NBT-Data? (Chests...)
    Else maybe this can help you....
  5. Sadly this is a thing that happens if you use a custom or non-server map generator... basically that chunk is corrupt. When you enter that chunk the server doesn't know what to do so it dies. The only way I've ever fixed it w/o losing any data is loading the world up in MCEdit and putting everything in that chunk into a schematic and deleting that chunk after you've saved that schematic. Once you've done that you should be able to save the world, then load it and the server will generate that chunk again. If its not corrupt anymore, then you can go ahead and paste that schematic in using WorldEdit and you'll be all set!

    Good Luck!
  6. Yeah, seems like a corrupted chunk. A way without mcedit would be to get the cords of chunk and enter it here:

    Once you found the region name, go into your world file and into regions. Then delete the correct one. This will allow your server to regenerate that one bit.
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