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  1. I have a 150 player server yet I always get lag spikes and all this asdf crap commonly (or too common) the server just does a read timeout -_-

    Here are my specs
    Operating System Linux, amd64, 2.6.32-042stab075.2
    Java Version 1.7.0_17
    Tracked Stats Exceptions, ServerInfo, Death, Crafted, Chat, PlayerLevel, PlayerTime, BlockBreak, ActivePlayers, Entities, BlockPlace, UsedMem, Login, EconBalance, Kick, TickRate, EntityExplodes
    CPU Cores 4
    Craftbukkit Version CraftBukkit, git-Spigot-642 (MC: 1.5)
    Bukkit Version 1.5-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
    Java Vendor Oracle Corporation
    Plugins AlwaysDay, 2.2.6
    AntiCuss, 1.4
    AsyncWorldedit, 0.2
    boosCooldowns, 3.4.2
    Buycraft, 5.3
    DailyLog, 0.1B
    Enjin Minecraft Plugin, 2.4.2-bukkit
    Essentials, 2.10.1
    EssentialsAntiBuild, 2.10.1
    EssentialsChat, 2.10.1
    EssentialsProtect, 2.10.1
    EssentialsSpawn, 2.10.1
    GAListener, 0.9
    GroupManager, 2.0 (2.10.1) (Phoenix)
    HeadSpawner, 1.3.5
    HideStream, 2.9
    MCdigr, 20121227-2306
    MCPainter, 0.3
    MotdManager, 1.41-b20
    MuezliAnnouncer, 1.2
    Multiverse-Core, 2.4-b527
    Permissions, 3.1.6
    PlotMe, 0.13
    PluginManager, 1.0.2
    SimpleAlias, 1.3.6
    TabDeco, 0.0.6
    Vault, 1.2.22-b277
    VoteSend, 1.3.1
    Votifier, 1.9
    WorldEdit, 5.5.5
    WorldGuard, 5.7.3
    Max Memory MB 11776.0 --------------------------------------

    And my server specs
    Processor: E3-1230v2 X4 cores
    Ram: 20 GB DDR3
    Storage: Shared 50Gb SSD
    Uplink: 100mbps
    A guy from another company offered me
    "CPU - Dual Intel Xeon L5520 Quad-Core
    Memory - 24GB RAM
    Drives - 2x 128GB SSDs in RAID 0
    For ~$250 per month
    Should I take his deal or should I keep looking?
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  3. Please just go to ;) hes really good and can over you something better for less!
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