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    So for my hub server it seems to take quite a long time to log in for some reason.
    And then also for some reason when joining my prison server, it also takes ages to join.
    I have factions, skyblock, and prison and prison takes MUCH longer to join than the others
    also this is all on one dedi to so not sure what the deal is, anyone have any ideas?
  2. /world/data/scoreboard.dat
    delete the scoreboard.dat
  3. o_Q


    There isnt one...
  4. Are you positive under your main world:
    there is no scoreboard.dat -- There cannot simply not be one.
  5. o_Q


    There is not a single 'scoreboard.dat' in any of my servers world/data/ folders.
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  7. Is that the one causing problems or the one with no problems?
  8. o_Q


    no that isnt the issue, its got to be something with the hub server or bungee not sure :(
  9. Tell us what tps does the servers with problems have (lol, so bad english..)

    And, if you can, the timings.
  10. It can be a proxy or a firewall/antivirus make the connection takes more time.
  11. It's since the newer builds of BungeeCord handles compression set the the network-compression-threshold in to -1
  12. o_Q


    That only made it worse.
  13. I had issues like this, and i fixed it by removing the scoreboard.dat.

    I recommend you install the plugin:

    And read the heapdump with Memory Analyser.

    In mine it showed scoreboard over 2,5gb
  14. Than it has to load allot. and i mean allot. You can fix this with plugins i think?
  15. Vagdedes


    I had the same problem. When I deleted scoreboard.dat it was fixed.
  16. Same problem. My TPS is 20