Server taking 260% CPU and have problems with LAGS

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  1. Hey, its not my first time that im openning a server but its my first time that i see this problem
    i have a minecraft server with 32GB of ram, i had 30 players in the server then, everybody got 2000ping and the tps dropped down to 8 ~ 10.

    this is the timings -
    i tried to reduse the view distance down to 4, but its still dont work.
    do anyone have a solution for this?

    Hosting on DEDI Server with I7, 256GB RAM, LINUX.
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    Okay, First off I'm not a timings master, But i'll see what I can find and see a solution, Second off, WHY? 32gbs? it will literally NEVER need to use that much, You'd have better luck getting a dedi with a better ability to run things on a single thread (Not sure, I'm not a tech expert but if I'm right a threadripper is one of the better ones, I'd let others guide you better though) That's a little over 1GB/player, 256mb/player is plenty for most things.

    EDIT: Taking a quick look at it, It's the world thats the problem, Try loading a new world in and see if the problems persists (Generate a load the usual amount of chunks you'd have loaded)
    If the problem is solved I assume someone has built a redstone 'lag machine' somewhere in the world.
  3. First of all, it's the entities & entity activation of the world causing the problem, not the world itself. As said above, you will never user 32 GB of ram, and in fact, it could hurt your server's performance. Try allocating no more than 10 GB, if you need more, then you probably have a memory leak. Next, you can search this forums for an optimization guide, and you can follow on that on your server. If that hasn't worked, you can try Paper instead of Spigot as it has more optimization built in and optimization configurations. Also saying you have an I7 doesn't help us narrow down that as a source of lag unless you provide the model. While you're at it, you should mention if you are using a HDD or an SSD. Lastly, 2000 ping also points to terrible internet connectivity. If you are home hosting, I strongly recommend moving to an actual host.

    Best of Luck,
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  4. Thanks for your answer, maybe one of you know how can i fix the dotick / tickentities, because there are a lot of entities in the server and the server is in easy, its like times 2 of hard entities.
  5. If you could share your bukkit.yml and spigot.yml files, that would be great to we can help tell you what values need to be changed to what. If you, however, switch to Paper and do another timings report for at least 15-30 minutes, their timings will provide that information in it.
  6. Remove any useless plugins and reduce the amount of mobs on your server.