Server that can handle 400 players.

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  1. I'm looking for a server that can handle up to 400 players without much lag. I currently have an i7 4790 and that's doing okay, but there is some lag and it's noticeable enough to where it annoys the players.

    Here are my timings if anyone is interested,

    If you have any optimization suggests feel free to drop them below, I've done some optimizations but I'm sure that there's more that I can do.
  2. What in fact are you looking for? ^^
    A dedicated or VPS-Server which can handle 400 players on different Spigot-Servers? A way to have 400 players on one single Spigot-Server?

    You can have many many Players on a ded. Server but not more than 250 on one Spigot-Server (It lags even if you jave 128 GB of RAM)

    Highest is best. I'd say a nice i7-4790k overclocked, but 400 players is really a lot.

    Also I would recommend you to look into PermissionsEx. It's causing a real strain, and probably makes all plugins more laggy because of permission checks. Perhaps look into deploying a mySQL backend, if you haven't already.
  4. Servers like Gontroller have easily hit 800 players on a single server at 20 TPS. and less than 32gb of RAM.
  5. I don't know "Gontroller"
    Are you sure they have 800 players on ONE Spigot or 800 players on ONE Bungee? ^^
  6. Tux


    You might see dramatic improvement by getting rid of PermissionsEx (zPermissions being an excellent replacement) and setting max-entity-collisions: 1
  7. Tux


    Basically, it's the largest Factions server. They run everything on a single Spigot server.
  8. kk thx for Information...
    Hmm... My "Main-Rule" may be outdated.. But at playercounts over 250 you often get weired problems which can't be correctly resolved..
  9. Offtopic:
    they arent really a big factions server anymore, they lost a huge ammount of their playercount.
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  10. 400 was a bit too high, but eventually I'd like to be able to hold that many players.

    The 250 player on one spigot thing is very untrue, I've seen many servers holding more than 250 without lag, kohi and gontroller are an example.

    I will migrate my permissions to MySQL as I think that will help.

    However my main problem is probably optimization, not sure where to start though.
  11. Reading helps ^^
  12. Okay? I still stand by my statement.
  13. you can always upgrade your machine or go with linux :)
  14. I'm fairly sure he's already running linux and he is looking for more information then "upgrading"
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  15. That is alot of entities in the timings. And running 1.7.10 isnt going to get you 400 players. And between 1.7.10 and 1.8.3 there was a bunch of performance fixes i have to assume...

    But really whatever is going on in map2 isnt helping. (Giant mob party?)

    Have you messed with any settings in your spigot.yml at all?

    Also it appears your running a unsupported dev build of pex. Which either the dev of worldgaurd or pex said certain older builds do not run well with worldgaurd, and would cause high cpu use in timings for pex. Updating pex might help a bit.

    Do all that and then go from there.
  16. I got 600 players on one spigot hub server (19.8 TPS, 6 GB used ram).

    It works without any lags. (But I need to unload ProtocolLib)
  17. not really, gontroller only uses an overclocked machine.

    he cant hold 800 players, but he can old 500+, the lag depend on the optimization

    the lag is caused, because the server is full, and many people has trying to join at the same time, but has been kicked, this cause tpsdrop in most servers
  18. Gontroller uses a private hosting provider that only the higher end servers use.
  19. PP

    However I don't think they have any in stock.
  20. Yup they don't anymore. That is why the server originmc separated into 3 different faction servers since normal consumer servers can't handle that many players.