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  1. [​IMG]

    Is there anyway what to fix this

    Using a 10GBs AMD-3800X server
  2. This screenshot doesnt show details. give us the link plz
  3. Yeah, this helps in no way.
    Why is it so weird and not the proper Aikar one? In the Aikar report you can find exactly what's going on - here it says "something to do with entities" and that's it. Try sending the Aikar report instead.
  4. Unsure how you use Aikar. Im using latest spigot and i do /timing paste and takes me to that site
  5. I think it's /timings report
  6. I get these two messages after the timing commands

  7. Your server has way too much ram and you aren’t even using the aikars flag.
  8. But what's the problem? Are there any errors? Cuz the TPS seems fine.
  9. How would I add Aikars flag, The server is ran on Pterodactyl Panel,

    The memory keeps going up and up. Currently is on 13gbs usage.
  10. There is literally no problem to fix. Based on the timings your server runs perfectly fine.
  11. Its weird because the server. On the timing is red on the timing below

    The server has 2 people and yet its using 10GBs and longer the server is live the higher the GBs go.

    Ive had to do a daily restart every 12 hours.
  12. The timings are red because 50% on a single position are a lot. Just that this positions happens to be everything.

    Your TPS are at a very stable 20. The plugin LeaderHeadsRevamped has rather expensive task that the author could probably optimize, but it doesn't seem happen very often to actually matter.
  13. Here is a Tip about memory allocation ...
    The 'Timings Report' is all about CPU usage... It is NOT about Memory usage!

    Go into the server and use /ess.TPS
    This will give you a report which includes 'Memory Usage'
    Like this:
    As you can see I have a server MaxMem of 6GB
    and the server is using ~3 GB
    Depending upon how your GarbageCollector is configured. The server will try to use all of the Maxmem.
    So, do not set the Maxmem too high! That will end up using a lot of the CPU ticks to empty the Garbage all at one time.
    Also do not set the MaxMem too low, or the OS will start to page memory, which will also incurr delays!
    You will note that 'Allocated' + 'Free' does not = Max. This is because it does not include the OS Java instance.
    In this case the OS, Java 16.2 is using around 1,782MB

    Conclusion: means that my server requires ~ 5GB to run (MC1.17.1) with a few complicated plugins and 1 Player online.
    Which leaves me with ~1GB of additional use by the players.
    As player numbers increase, I may add an extra 1GB at a time? But, only if the server complains during busy periods.
  14. @Goldentoenail
    Your explanation is wrong, unfortunately.

    Maximum is the memory that your application is allowed to allocate.
    Allocated is the memory that is currently reserved for your application by the OS (IIRC that's what Task Manager will report).
    Free memory is the memory that is currently allocated, but not used by the application.

    So in your example your server uses about 1.8 GiB right now. But even that doesn't mean your server needs that much memory, Java uses garbage collection so it keep around unused data for a bit before it thinks it should get rid of it.

    The memory limits are set using the -Xmx (maximum memory) and -Xms (initial allocated memory) startup flags. Aikar recommends setting them to the same value, to allow the GC to optimize itself better.

    Also, if you run out of MaxMem proper (-> full memory and nothing left to GC) your server won't start paging, it will crash with an OutOfMemoryException.
  15. Use PaperSpigot or FlamePaper, tweak your settings using this guide, see if that helps.
  16. Re-read and absorb what I actually said!
    You have taken almost everything I said and applied it to your own interpretation.

    I am on a hosted server using G1GC without additional flags.
    Currently running PaperSpigot.
  17. You said setting max mem too low will cause the OS to page. This is false, running out of max mem will crash the program. Whether swap/pagefile gets used is decided by the OS independently of Java settings.

    You said your server is using 1.8 GiB for the JVM + 3 GiB for the MC server based on your screenshot. This is false, you server is using 1.8 GiB in total, has 3 GiB allocated and is allowed to allocate up to 6 GiB.

    This isn't up for interpretation, this is what those values mean.