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  1. (if this is the wrong area please point me to the right one, I didn't see a better forum to post this in, since I'm developing the plugin and this is me getting help during development)

    I've written up a neat little plugin called PersonalInfo, it will be a premium resource listed for 5 dollars once I release it. I would like one server who I can be in communication with the owner as well as join the server to check the functionality of my plugin in a more realistic environment now that it has surpassed my initial tests. The plugin will most likely be posted on Spigot during or after these testings, and the testing is not something the server even needs to think about.

    All I ask is that the owner encourages players to use the plugin, and tell me any errors (if the server has a discord this is even better as they can ping me in the discord for errors and issues so I can address them). As far as I am aware with the testing I have done there should be no errors or bugs, but I am only one person and am not perfect, so in my private testing I may have missed something.

    What I Need From The Server:
    • Access to my plugins full powers (just given the admin command for my plugin only)
    • Open communication
    • Screenshots or copy pastes of any stack trace error that may occur (There won't be any of these I'm sure, but just in case)
    • Access to the server (as a player)
    • Access to the servers discord (as a member)
    • Trustworthiness to not disclose or give my jar to anyone
    What The Server Will Get From Me:
    • Keep the plugin one hundred percent free and be added to the list of spigot buyers so they get any and all future updates free (Optional if the server wants it)
    • If the plugin is successful on Spigot I will donate 5 dollars to the server (once I have made my first sale of the plugin)
    • An IP address shout out in the plugins description on Spigot thanking the server for their participation in making sure the plugin is functional
    If your interested, contact me here or on Discord: Haileykins#0832 for inquiries about the plugin, as since the plugin isn't uploaded yet I don't want the idea stolen. Here is the gist of the plugin though:

    Players can set various configurable pieces of data about themselves such as their irl names (First or first and last, configurable), gender, steam account, a small bio (length configurable) and much much more!

    Also please check the poll if this is something you would be interested in purchasing once it goes live on Spigot!
  2. This is not the place , also i recommend u making ur own test server.
  3. Much appreciated, do you know a good way to get people on to the test server to test it? I have a test server I was just hoping to implement it into a functioning server so I can get real feedback from an entire server base. Also where would the right place to post this be?
  4. Hmm I do not know why you need more than 2 people to test a plugin, I always start a second minecraft and test it like that.
  5. I don't need more than two people, I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the kinks out, but it would be nice to have it in a beta test on a live server to undergo testing of the system to its full capacity.
  6. People who buy your plugin, will tell you if there are bugs or not, that's the best way, plus if you're sure there are no bugs probably will not.
  7. There's also the benefit of a server having this without payment so if it is bug free, a good review can be left which will help the plugin get started. But you have a good point. Im gonna close the thread and post it
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