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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by WrexBG, Dec 24, 2020.

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  1. Hey, I'm running a cracked 1.16.4 Paper survival SMP for me and friends and the TPS is unbelievably low. We are talking about 6 - 15 tps usually. Currently 2 players it's around 15, last night with 4 it was 6-10.

    Timing reports from today (2 players)

    I have no plugins and I followed a guide (‚ö°.283181/)
    And changed a lot of the settings in the configs. Which you can also see in the timings report. The main issue I believe is the entity ticks.
    The map is not pre-generated btw

    Running on a free host FalixNodes with 1 CPU core and 3 gb ram (planning on adding 6 more)
    Any help will be appreciated (e.g. why are tropical fish causing so much lag and why are there so many)
  2. Thank you, seems useful and I will try it. Seems like there are really a lot of entities, fish as well
  3. What you could do aswell is reducing the spawnrate of water animals in spigot.yml & bukkit.yml if you have issues with fish :)
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  4. This is your problem.

    1. Don't run a cracked server.
    2. Ask the Paper people why your Paper server isn't working.
  5. Yeah I'm not paying for a small smp. I just want to play with some friends (and 2 of them don't have the game bough), that's why I'm using a cracked one. I don't see how cracked is an issue with the TPS though. The free host, yes, it's an issue. They provide a lot of ram, using 3, will change to 9gb but their CPU is bad. Still, there should be some optimisation I can do to make it playable. It shouldn't be a heavy server.
  6. If you have a halfway decent PC and Internet connection, just run it at home.
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  7. Most free hosts are fossils from the past.
    Their servers just do not have the oomph to run a modern server version.

    It really is not a huge cost to run a small MC server on a modern host. Which will give you much better performance.

    What are your friends worth?
    Will they share the cost?

    We are talking about around $10 a month for all that interaction and gameplay.

    If you really want to cut the costs, consider using a 1.8.8 server and use a lower powered (cheaper) host. But be aware of the failings of that server design!
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