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    I've had a very extensive experience when it comes to Minecraft servers, and I've recently decided to create a new server. With my past servers I only made Faction servers, and most of the time they all did great. It's been over a year since my last server, and I'm contemplating weather to make a Factions server, or create a different type of server such as Survival or something alike.

    My main question is, do you feel it would be a good decision to create a Factions server, or has Factions majorly decreased in popularity? I plan to make this server one of a kind, just like my past servers, and I know what it takes, but I'm still worried about the player attraction to faction servers. Any advise would be useful, thanks.

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    Well it depends, what are your reasons for starting another server? To make money? To grow a community of players and friends? Survival servers generally don't get the money other types get, but PvP doesn't get the communities that survival gets.
  3. There's literally thousands of faction servers, don't go for it.
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  4. As with most owners of servers, money plays a big part. I'm looking to have a large server, and still earn money, but my main goal is to make the server the best as possible.
  5. I wouldn't go for factions then. Starting out a new faction server, is like being an ant in a whole conoly. Literally, 1000's of competition.
  6. True, then what type of server would you recommend? I'm looking to have a large player base, but still have enough money to support the server, and my small lifestyle.
  7. If you want a decent amount of players, you're going to need advertising.
  8. Trust me, I know that. But, excluding Factions, what would you recommend as a good type of server to make?
  9. It all depends on, like @MikeA said, on if you want money, community, etc etc.
  10. It's rare to see good minigame servers so go try that
  11. The thing is, players usually get bored quickly of small minigame servers, and they barely will come back. For my minigame server, I usually get a streak of returning players when I change my server MOTD by a lot, but that's it. Half the players on my server on almost any given time are less than level 10 (which you can get from about 2 hours of gameplay).
  12. If you have enough time or money to make custom plugins, a MMORPG server would be your best bet. I've seen some of those servers, and you can earn a hell lot with that type of server by selling skins like League of Legends.
    If you don't, try something similar to the craptons of open world multiplayer games out there. (DayZ, Walking Dead, Rust, and GTA5 Online are just a few examples) You don't have to use guns, but try to make PVP happen frequently with fast-paced actions. (a.k.a. players quickly die if they are not aware of their enemy) This will keep the players motivated to stay on the server.
  13. What about Move Or Die? if any of you have seen that :p
  14. Minigames generally won't work well on small servers, except you can test it and develop it for a long time and can find a way to gain lots of players just as the server opens. Youtubers generally work the best for minigame servers. My plan for my server is to add a good long-term goal players can work towards(so a one-time playerbase stays for a relatively long time), then find a way to earn money fast, then use the money to hire a youtuber to make a video about my server, and then with the increased playerbase the server will become more fun automatically (-- yes! The more people on the server the more fun it will become!) and gain more votes, which means that it probably won't need another youtube video or something like that.
  15. Prison! :D
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