Server upgrade from 1.14 to 1.15 map problem

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  1. Hello!
    I run a Minecraft Spigot server (IP: I recently opened it again and updated plugins from 1.14 to 1.15 trying to have everything as it was before. I ran into a problem that many server owners might have and was interested if anyone knows what to do in that situation.

    After I updated everything I was left with a question that having the same map called world (from 1.14) would it update it with new features from the new update (1.15) or not and now with the errors I get it seems to me that some old features that happen in the map make errors for the new update and the map misses the new features.

    So if anyone know how to fresh the map to the new features (like bees etc.) not having to make new map for the server (so that everyone would lose their buildings that they have been making for months). Since I have survival roleplay server, it is essential to have everything as it was before and not change the map with every update, but my interest also is to have the newest version. If anyone knows a way to fix it or confirm me that sadly it is not possbile at all, I would be very thankful.

  2. When updating the world, you should add --forceUpgrade to make sure the world updates properly on start (remove it when done). Even if you already upgraded to 1.15 without running this, I highly recommend running this still.

    In terms of new features, you need to explore new land to find bee nests currently (1.15-1-15.1), unless you reset the world.

    However, in the upcoming 1.15.2, Oak and Birch saplings within 2 blocks (same y level) of a flower, when grown with bone meal, have a 5% chance to make a hive.
  3. Thanks for answering! Where and how do I add this --forceUpgrade?
  4. Code (Text):

    java -Xms10G -Xmx10G -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar spigot-1.15.1.jar --forceUpgrade --eraseCache nogui
    Adjust accordingly.