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  1. Hi i was wondering if i could get a UPS (uninteruptible power supply(battery)) for my server as i have been having lots of power cuts. I need something that shuts down the server then possibly turns off windows.

    All help greatly appreciated :)

    And when i say UPS and APC they both arent delivery companies xD
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  2. Yep..
    You want a lorry to deliver?

    Jokes aside, please rephrase
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  3. HAHA
  4. I think he is looking for a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for his computer. Something like the this?
    Unfortunately I don't know of anything that is capable of safely shutting down the server once a power cut is detected.
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    APC has/had PowerChute which would send the shutdown signal when power was lost after a certain amount of time, and if you get one with a NIC you can do SNMP traps. That's what I did with my UPS, before the battery went bad and I never replaced it lol.
  6. We have a diskstation and have gone through two UPS due to battery faliure and our school technitians are always fixing theirs lol xD. I will go and try powerchute with a UPS that is currently in use. Thanks for the help xD. Will say if it works...
  7. I see you changed your post here XD
    I hope someone here can help ya, I personally don't have a clue about this stuff (too confusing) ;P
  8. Umm... haha APC who make UPS. Apc-overnight is also a delivery company lol.
  9. Well this seems to be the most help i have ever got on spigot lol. (Not sarcastic)
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    Shouldn't happen too often. My APC SmartUPS 2200 batteries last eight years before croaking.
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    Setup an SNMP manager to put "stop" in the console when the UPS trap is triggered. From the link you provided, it has a "data port" but I'm not sure if it supports SNMP or not, you'd have to read up on it.
  12. I recommand gettings UPS that you can change the battery out when it dies.