Solved Server will not start from allone...

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  1. Hello I will try to explain my problem,

    I have a Minecraft network, On the run a lot of games
    Among Bedwars and Survival Games

    As each of you knows who Bedwars and SG an automatic restart.
    The problem is the server does not start by itself and remain with the end of the game offline.
    I changed the spigot.yml to Bungeemode true, the plugin on bungeemode ..
    and in the Bungeecord config ipforward on true.
    But nothing worked.


    screen -S Bedwars1 java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar spigot_server.jar
  2. Fixed: it was working with a new
    screen -A -m -d -S SCREENNAME java -XmsRAM -XmsRAM -jar spigot_server.jar
    and changed the ordner with filezille on permission 777
  3. JamesJ


    May I suggest you don't use that.
    You leave a file running in your screen, executing the java commands.