Server wont start

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Kibra, May 27, 2017.

  1. I don't see any errors except you typed some wrong commands. By the looks of things, the server is already started.
  2. It says that, but when you try to connect it says canot connect
  3. Are you connecting by using your BungeeCord IP? What does the error say in-game?
  4. Yes im using the ip, it wont let me on the server
  5. What error are you getting when attempting to join your bungee server? Try changing host: to host: in your bungee configuration.
  6. I seem to be having the same problem...
    I have tried several IPs for the host, none of them working.
  7. Didny work.

    And it just says "cannot connect to server"
  8. Did you restart your server to save the changes?
  9. Yes
  10. If you're using FTP / FIleZilla did you make sure to import the saved config file?

    Another Note - Make sure that your "localhost" is an actual ip, BungeeCord (to my knowledge) doesn't work unless you do that. The Ip being the IPv4 address.
  11. I uses the integrated multicraft
  12. Ok so do this:

    1. Go to your MultiCraft Panel and look at the "host" name. Do not use localhost.
    2. Copy and Paste the host name then press (windows key) + r
    (if you do not use windows figure out how to open up your terminal)
    3. Once Terminal or Cmd is opened type "ping (paste the "host" ip here)"
    4. Press Enter and you should be given an ip.
    5. Do that for every server, replace the config ips "localhost" with those ips.
    6. Restart Bungee

    If you did everything else correctly this should fix it.
  13. I thought local host worked if they're all in the same ip? o_O
  14. Local Host works if they are the same port and IP, but I know that "localhost" wont work with bungee as it needs an actual IP that its running on. If it is all the same IP, I suggest not doing a short cut and just copy and paste.
  15. When adding the bungee IP to your server list, does it even show a green signal bar indicating the server is online?
  16. Yes
  17. Try manually joining each server which the BungeeCord server is linked with. If it works, then you have a config error.
  18. I've never ran a bungee server before,
    but as fr your config, always check for tabs.

    NO TABS!
  19. "Turn on ip forwarding in the bungee configuration"