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  1. Okay, Iam not quite sure if this is the right section, but as Iam looking for some ideas for my community, I think it fits here at least a little.

    So what Iam going to ask is, what Events can I host to take some money/diamonds out of the game ?
    Currently Iam running a neat little Minecraft Server with a playerbase of around 10-12 core players and around 20 players, who visit occasionally.
    Server ran smooth for a couple of weeks, but right now Iam facing a wall, as the core players have literally everything. Especially diamonds/iron/emeralds and money.
    So I was thinking of some kind of event, which takes out named items, so that the economy can recover a little.

    What I got so far:
    1. Exchange Event
    Change your diamonds/money for something like levels.

    2. PvP-based Event with participation fee
    Self explaining - isn't it ?

    3. Some kind of survival event
    People go one after another in a world filled with monsters and I'll count the time, how long they survive. In order to enter, everyone has to give some items. Multiple tries allowed.

    However Iam not really to confident in such ideas. Thats where you come in. I gladly hear out most of ideas, but keep in mind that it is a survival server, so giving something like ridiculously enchanted items is out of the question.