Spigot ServerInfo 1.8

Allows Players to get some Info about your server

  1. KingLinux01 submitted a new resource:

    ServerInfo - Alows player to get some server info

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  2. Could you add custom aliases please ?
  3. I can look into it.
  4. Had interesting when you dictate your own can enroll with
  5. What??
  6. Please message me any suggestions for ServerInfo.
  7. It would be better if you can use your own commands.
  8. I already thought of that. But I can not figure out how to do that in the plugin.yml.
  9. Test the yet with: if (cmd.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("examplecommand"))
    So it will work: D
  10. The plugin.yml?
  11. Try it once with the registration in the plugin.yml and without