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  1. ServerMC & SetupMC
    Powershell Scripts for Home Minecraft Server Owners ( Minimal Experience Needed! )​

    Description: This is meant for any Server Owner that wants to Local Host a Server from their home PC ( Dedicated or Not ). The main focus of these scripts is to minimize the need for online services and databases & minimize the amount of work that a server owner needs to put in to run a successful server. This collection of scripts will grow in size and ability; with my end goal being to have them all under one application.

    These scripts are kept simple in the way of processing, to not impact your PC performance, as most debug processes only need to be ran at startup or during a error/crash. The focus was to create a script that was useful, but not taxing. All work is Open Source.

    ServerMC Features:
    1. Select Which Version of Java is Used & What JVM Arguments to Run. ( Ex. RAM )
    2. Verifies Write/Read Access to Make Sure Data Will Save Properly.
    3. Verifies Internet Connection & Checks if Wi-Fi is in Use. ( Can Customize Ping Address )
    4. Select the Level of Debug Information to be Shown in Command Prompt.
    5. Allows User to Manually Stop Server & GUI for Restart Feature.
    6. Set Maximum Crash Allowance & Crash Reset. ( Can Configure How many Days Need to Pass to Reset Crash Counter )
    7. Outputs Debug Information to a debug.txt File.
    8. Change the Color Scheme & Name of the Main Window.
    9. Settings File to Allow For Great & Easy Customizability.
    10. Updated GUI For Manual Restart With Auto-Close Feature
    SetupMC Features:
    1. Auto-Downloads & Sets up Vanilla, Spigot or Paper Server.
    2. Allows User to Select Which Version of Spigot They Want to Use.
    3. Outputs Simple Debug Information to a debug.txt File.
    4. Verifies Write/Read Access For Proper Functionality.
    5. Verifies Internet Connection. ( Uncustomizable )
    6. GUI For All User Inputs & Console Messages to Follow The Process.
    7. Added more GUI Functionality ( Converts Certain Console Messages in to GUI )
    8. Many Updates to Come
    *All With a Smooth User Experience*

    ServerMC SetUp: Download the ServerMC.txt & settings.txt and rename the files to ServerMC.ps1 & settings.ps1. Double-Click settings.ps1 to bring it up in notepad ( Or Right-Click and Edit ) and change the options to your needs. Start Server after the settings.ps1 file has been edited by Right-Clicking ServerMC.ps1 and Choose "Run With Powershell". If all settings are correct the server will start.

    SetupMC SetUp: Download SetupMC.txt that you want to run and rename the file to SetupMC.ps1. Start Server Setup by Right-Clicking SetupMC.ps1 and Choose "Run With Powershell". During setup you will be asked what server you want to create; type your responses & wait for SetupMC to finish. After you can start the Server by following the ServerMC SetUp Guide.

    (Will need to Right-Click and "Run With Powershell" every time.)​

    Help: If you do not see the .txt while viewing the file in File Explorer click the View Button in the top left and in the top right you should see a checkbox for "File Name Extensions". Make sure it's on or has a check-mark. If there are still issues, you can also do this with the other 2 options.
    Only works on Windows!

    *For All Other Issues/Concerns Either Leave a Reply or Reach Me on Discord at Dr. Strangelove Killebrew#5256*

    Any Donations Are Much Appreciated:

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  2. Version 2.0.1:
    1. Day One Bug Fixes
    2. Restart Feature Implementation
    3. Ability to Change Ping Test Address

    *Updates will be announced via the reply section, thread title will be updated with latest versions, & post updated with any Features*
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  3. Version 2.0.2:
    1. Auto-Initialize Working Directory
    2. Advanced User Working Directory Customization (Details at bottom of settings.ps1)
    3. Redesign of Ping Test to Avoid "GUI" Errors
  4. Version 2.0.3:
    1. Fix Crash Error With Manual Restart/Stop Feature
    2. First Bonus Feature. Allows Changing Window Launch Style (Details near bottom of settings.ps1)
    3. UI for Server Resart & General Clean-Up
  5. Version 2.0.4:
    1. Changed Crash Reset From Days to Any Amount of Time (Fixed Bug Related Format Errors)
    2. General Code Update (Simple)
    *Mini-Update While I Get My New PC Built & Work on the Setup Utility*
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  6. *Working on Version 2.0.5 as 2.0.4 has major errors. Releasing Bug-Fix Tonight*
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  7. Version 2.0.5:
    1. Fixed Crash Related to Crash Reset Timer (Now Uses Minutes)
    2. Bonus Feature: Added Timer to Catch Max Crash Terminal (Slightly Pointless)
    *Mini-Update While I Get My New PC Built & Work on the Setup Utility*
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  8. Hi 1. it is a good autorestart script thanks for it! 2. Can u add an autotimer for yes to User has manually stopped Server?
  9. Announcement: Sorry for the late response time, my life has been a lot more hectic then I thiught it would end up being. Within the next 2 weeks I should have a couple other utilities for server set-up and I actually have been working hard on finding a way to auto close the windwo you are mentioning. UI with Powershell can be slightly annoying though, but I should have it resolved and many other features before the end of November.
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  10. Announcement: This post has been completely revamped for the official release of ServerMC & SetupMC. The original run script has had many updates as well as a name change and I have released Scripts for those wanting to auto setup certain servers. This update is basically a Alpha test, so sorry if there is missing information.

    Please leave comments for any features that you would ike to request. Currently working on many new features for all scripts, including the requested: Auto-Restart Timer When User Manually Stops Server​
  11. Version 2.1.0:
    1. Revamp of Run Script & Name Change to ServerMC
    2. A New Setup Utility For Creating Your Server Automatically Called SetupMC
    3. SetupMC Now Allows User to Create Vanilla Servers or Any Version Spigot Server ( Paper Coming Soon )
    4. SetupMC Uses Simple GUI for User Input on Server Selection
    5. SetupMC has many Features that ServerMC has ( See Features Section )
    * Official Beta Release of ServerMC & SetupMC *
  12. Version 2.1.1:
    1. ServerMC - Updated GUI For Manual Restart With Auto-Close Feature ( As Requested )
    2. SetupMC - Implementation of Paper Servers 1.15.2 & 1.16.4 Version 262
    3. Help File Coming Soon
  13. Version 2.1.2:
    1. ServerMC & SetupMC - Fixed an Error Occuring With Write Access Checking ( Just Found )
    2. SetupMC - Certain Console Messages Now Shown With GUI ( Still Shows Original Console Messages )
    3. ServerMC & SetupMC - Makes Sure There Are No "&" in FilePath ( Java Won't Work Properly )
    4. ServerMC & SetupMC - First Wave of Bug-Fixes ( Quick Run Through )
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  14. windows only? no mac support ;-;
  15. From what I looked up quickly, it does seem that Powershell does work on Mac, but I don't know if there is full funtionality. To download and install Powershell here is the link:

    I say that Windows is the only version because the script uses many .NET classes. I personally am not to familiar with MacOS, so I'm sorry I couldn't help more.
  16. Due to my files being .ps1 they aren't a valid file format to be considered a resource. I am currently putting together a website, which will bypass this issue by simply downloading the file from an external link.