Spigot ServerMessagePlus 2.0.1

A simple customizable message plugin!

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    ServerPlus - A simple join message plugin!

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  2. you can easily do this with Essentials
  3. If you dont use Essentials?
  4. who wouldn't use essentials?
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  5. A lot of people... It's not the god-plugin everyone makes it out to be, and not to mention some people like to be a bit different and not have alllll the same messages/text for everything that EVERY other server has, or don't need all or even most of the features it has.
  6. Please add config where I can add custom message..
    And could you add death/kill messages?
  7. This is a good idea, I'm working for the config, the custom message and the kill message. Bring me back other good ideas, thanks and see you soon for the update. -thelilvikilik
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  8. I mean I even hate to say it, but theres nothing as good to essentials, who knows, maybe next summer when I learn Java I'll make something like essentials, but not as messy
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  9. There isn't one packaged plugin that is as good as essentials, but IMO essentials is the jack of all trades, master of none kind of plugin. You very quickly start to hit walls if you want advanced functionality of a certain feature. But thats not really a discussion for this thread so I'll leave it at that. :p