ServerMiner - Good Server Host?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by river58, May 18, 2016.

  1. I'm looking into for hosting on my server but want to know if anyone has experience with them.
  2. Not with their ridiculous claims...

    "15Gb/s Blazing Fast SSD Speeds"

    NOT even PCIe SSDs run that fast.
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  3. Yes PCIe SSDs are around 3x-5x faster than "standard" SSDs which are normally rated at around 500Mb/s. Which is why their claims is very unreal. Not only that but PCIe SSDs are as pricey as they sounds like they would be.
  4. Used them for my first ever server, years ago. Was bad back then, but that was before creative mode even existed.
    Heard of RAID?
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  5. Even if we RAID 10 some Samsung disks it would not be beyond a few Gb/s. Plus do you really expect them to have all this money to do that with their pricing??
  6. They were one of the first hosts, they are reputable and aren't going to lie on their website. Obviously you aren't getting that for your server, but they got that from somewhere.
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  7. Let's look at he pure facts shall we?

    Says that these drives runs at $124/each and each device delivers up to 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write. So assuming optimum conditions you would need.. 28 DRIVES to clock at 15 GB/s for read AND if we are assuming 15GB/s for writes as well we will need 30 DRIVES.

    Without accounting for a 36 bay to accommodate all those storage devices a SINGLE NODE would set you back $3,720 in JUST drives!

    Let's not forget these drives DO breaks so I seen most providers set a ROI of 12 months. 3,720/12 comes to be $310 having to be set aside MONTHLY in just ONCE AGAIN drives!
  8. You're making yourself look like an idiot and pretending you know more than you do. SSD claims aside, ServerMiner was one of the few original Minecraft hosts and has been around for many years, I wouldn't doubt they've made that much, I would expect more than that.
    I also doubt that price tag would be much of an issue for them.
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  9. I don't care, I expects a supplier to tell their specs as is. As I mentioned it very unreal (MUCH more so in the Minecraft industry) to deliver the 15GB/s SSD speeds.
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  10. You can believe what you want, but here is what makes your argument invalid
    • These cheap hosts have only been popping up recently, OVH wasn't really a thing back then
    • You complain about "BS claims" but without ever using them, insist that they're absolute garbage
    Your math doesn't make any sense, and are trying to look wise by laughing about it when you don't have any valid claims.
    Realize I am trying to save you the embarassment.
    You seem to have missed what I've told you, twice now.
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  11. I don't care how "reputable" they are. lies are lies.
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  12. That marks the third.
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  13. Okay, I'll explain to you:

    $150,000 / 4 years = $37500 PER YEAR. Do you understand now?
  14. You just edited it so that why I didn't see that reply. It very unreal to provide that speed rate. It also impossible to verifies as they won't give us the specs of these nodes.
  15. What I don't understand is, you're throwing around random numbers that mean nothing, what is your point?
    I have said it twice now, and you somehow have it in your head that you should be getting that for every server. I am not going to keep stating facts for people that just have to be right and argue for the sake of it.
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  16. 30,000 servers
    $5 starting prices

    30,000 x $5 = $150,000

    $150,000 / 4 years = $37500.
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  18. It doesn't say "up to" just..

    "15Gb/s Blazing Fast SSD Speeds"

    That is still false advertising if SOME of their servers can only go this fast.
  19. That wasn't what I was implying, at all.
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  20. Please go ahead and explain how they could of legitimately obtain this rate for every node they have online.