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  1. Have a dual x5650 server with 88gb of ram and nothing but ssd storage. Been playing with a few mates and they said they are feeling a little bit of lag. ITs playable but i wish to try and solve this. I have give each server 12gb of ram and from i can see they only use about 5gb make total. Have 3 server (lobby, skyblocks and surival) Lobby they say is fine with a few mods , skyblocks has a little but worst is surival and that has no plug ins
  2. What server brand are you using and what is the operating system thst you are using to host your servers?
  3. Hp hosted from my place on my 1gb fibre connection and Windows 10 pro
  4. HP? I mean what are you using like spigot or paper or any other server jar?
  5. Sorry spigot and bungee cord
  6. Hmm... Confusing. Well let me think about it. You first of all send me a friend request at discord (Phoenix#4838). I will look for the solution.

    And also try to change your server jar to paper and try it. If that doesn't work, the devs are always there :)
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    There is actual harm in allocating too much memory to your servers. The thing is, if you allocate too much memory, java's garbage collection system will let a lot of garbage gather before getting rid of it. Because there's a lot of garbage, the collection systems stalls your main thread and you experience significant lag spikes every now and then.

    You should only allocate a little more memory than your server actually requires. If it never goes above 5GB, you could start with 6GB.
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  8. Oh. I never knew about it but anyways... Okay. Who cares about my server? XD it's just 2gb. It's off topic but yeah, can u describe a bit more?
  9. ok well I’ll have to install windows again and test with that. Tried Ubuntu and it went fine.