Servers maxing out my cores

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    Every once and a while a server will decide to max out one core to 100%, sometimes it decides to max them all out to 100%. In turn that eventually causes crashes, as you can imagine, but i cant find a solution.

    Here are my timings for all of the servers.
    Hub server:

    Deathban Server: (Has not caused 100% CPU)

    Creative Server: (Has Caused 100% CPU)

    Assassins Server: (Has Caused 100% CPU)

    Survival Server: (Has not caused 100% CPU)

    SkyBlock Server: (Has Caused 100% CPU)

    All of the servers are running spigot build #715.

    VPS Details:
    64GB DDR3 RAM
    e5-1650 CPU 6 cores and 12 threads
    2x120 GB SSD
    2x 2TB SATA III

    Running a MySQL database off of the VPS also. Most of the plugins being connected to it seem to be higher percentages in the timings, especially TopPVP.

    This has recently started acting up after all of my servers had been updated to 1.5. That would be about 5 days ago. I dont know how to read timings extremely well, so i was hoping someone could tell me if there was fatal error going on. If you need anymore information, please reply here.
  2. I also get this..

    I also get an unstable CPU alot of the time, a restart fixes it though
    unstable cpu.PNG
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    Restarts fix it, but what causes it in the first place? This is causing my bungeecord to crash and all my players to lose connection.

    Since i have posted this bungee has crashed 3 times and i have not had a core reach 100%..... Starting to think its a bungee issue.
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    1) You can use htop or similar to find out which server is using 100% cpu
    2) I will not spend any time investigating such issues with Bungee unless you can provide a yourkit snapshot before and during this 100% CPU spike.
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    Thats how i was able to see which servers caused the 100% CPU usage, hence the red and green text next to each server. If you dont mind me asking, when you say "yourkit snapshot" what exactly are you referring to?
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    A snapshot of the server profiled with this tool:
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    Recently tried to attempt this. I cannot figure it out, neither could my Systems Administrator. Is there any documentation somewhere that explains the exact steps we need to take to get what we need?
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