ServerSelecterX Broken?

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  1. Hello, me and my management team have tried countless times to find out the problem with our server compass. We can't find out what is wrong. We might be very blind and just don't see the problem which is probably the case. (It defiantly has something to do with ping-server or the "menu" category. Here is the current config:

    title: '&cFoxide'

    # This will be the name of the server selector item

    item-name: '&fFoxide Selector'

    # Item lore. For no lore, put 'none' in the first line.


    - '&4Join Other Realms In Our Network Here'

    # The name of the server selector item. Specify "NONE" for no item.

    item: COMPASS

    data: 0

    # Give the item when a player joins?

    on-join: true

    # What slot should the item be in? Specify -1 to automatically put it in the first available slot.

    inv-slot: 4

    # URL clickable message

    url-message: '&3&lClick here'

    # Command to open the menu. Specify "none" for no command. (without /)

    command: "menu"

    # Possible values for action:


    # Teleport player to server

    # action: 'srv:skywars'


    # Send player a clickable message to open a URL. Only works on spigot, not bukkit.

    # action: 'url:'


    # Teleport player to world

    # action: 'world:skyblock'


    # Execute a command. The player will need permission for this command. No / before the command.

    # action: 'cmd:gamemode 1'

    # For bungeecord commands, add a bungee: prefix. This requires to be installed.

    # action: 'bungeecmd:glist'


    # Open another selector (for submenus for example)

    # action: 'sel:uhc-servers'


    # If you set the ip to 'submenu' and ping-server to true, {online} and {max} will be the combined number of players of all servers in the submenu.


    # Send message

    # action: 'msg:&1This &2is &3a &4message'


    # Close selector

    # action: 'close'


    # Do nothing (selector stays open)

    # action: 'none'


    4: # Item in 4th slot (use 0 for first item). Add as many items as you want by copying this section and giving it a new number. This number must not be greater than (rows*9)-1

    # Whether the server should be pinged for information. Enables placeholders in lore.

    ping-server: true

    ip: # Note that you can't use localhost because the plugin uses an external API by default. For more info see config.yml

    port: 1234

    action: 'srv:factions'

    # Change item count based on number of players online. Only works if ping-server is turned on. If there are more than 64 players online, the item count will be 1

    # Change how this works in config.yml.

    change-item-count: true

    # This value is ignored when change-item-count is turned on.

    item-count: 1

    # Online is used when ping-server is turned off, or ping-server is turned on and the server is online.



    data: 0

    enchanted: true

    name: '&f\&7\ &cThe &4&lKingdom &cRealm &7/&f/'


    - ‘&3&lSTATUS: &7{online} / {max}’

    - ‘&3&lMAP: &7#2’

    - ‘&a&l➠ Features:’

    - ‘&a$1,500 &fPaypal Prize’

    - ‘&3OP &7Factions’

    - ‘&f&l------------------’

    # Change item based on server motd. If the server has an motd that is not listed below, settings above will be used as fallback.

    # If you do not need to use this you can just delete this entire section


    "Lore example":

    item: IRON_SWORD

    data: 0

    enchanted: false

    name: '&cKitPvP Server'


    - The game has not started

    "Other lore":

    item: WOODEN_SWORD

    data: 0

    enchanted: false

    name: '&0Faction Server'


    - Currntly Offline

    -1: # -1 means everything else

    action: 'none'



    data: 0

    enchanted: false

    name: ''

  2. Can you start by using hastebin or perhaps enclose your code with code tags?