Solved ServerSigns doesn't work for default grouped players?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by JinxRaider23, Oct 6, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    So as the thread title says, no matter what I try, players in the "default" group cannot right click server signs when I add commands to it. It does nothing..

    The permission which I added to the "default" group is serversigns.use.* (which allows players to supposedly use all serversigns on the server by right/left clicking them), apart from this does nothing for default players.

    Possible reasons are:
    - World Guard?
    - Essentials Protect?
    - Essentials Anti-Build?

    I believe it could be one of these but I have no idea which,
    any help is appreciated!

  2. And before you ask, yes I did add my self to the default group and deopped myself to test it.
    Plus I tested it with alt accounts in the default group and it still doesn't work.

    But I do think it's something to do with one of those plugins stated above.
  3. Which 'Server Signs' plugin are you using,
    also send us any stacktraces sent in console along with your list of plugins.
    theres not much we can help with otherwise,

    though worldguard is probably your problem, it blocks alot of interaction stuff if you have the server sign inside a region
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  4. I am using the original Server Signs plugin.

    I've never created any world guard regions on the server so I doubt it would be that? :unsure:

    The only plugins that could have an impact on this are:
    - EssentialsX AntiBuild
    - EssentialsX Protect
    - World Guard
    - Protocol Lib (prob not)
    - Multiverse Core (prob not)

    Every other plugin is a chat based plugin.

    What exactly do you need from the Console? (idk what "stack traces" are)
  5. And, what server version are you using?

    That serversigns plugin only supports up to 1.9
    also is it printing any errors (stacktraces) in console when you click the sign as a default group.
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  6. I'm using Spigot 1.8.8 as my version.
    And I have no idea what to look for, for stacktraces?
  7. When you click the sign as default player with the perms, it should send an error in the console if something is wrong
    copy that to hastebin and send us the link.
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  8. You say you use WG, do the signs require interact? are they working in __global__ region but not in defined regions?
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  9. I've not defined any regions as of yet with world guard, so I don't see why they would not work with it? Hm
  10. Wow I never even thought to check for errors; I managed to get a ton of errors when my friend (called "Sunta") clicked the sign as a deopped player. (he spammed it a few times so that's why there is a lot of errors).

    > <
  11. From looking into the console error messages, I believe that this issue has nothing to do with World Guard, and in fact is entirely Essentials Anti-Build.

    From the hastebin above, I THINK the issue is that with Essentials Anti-Build, you need to give players permissions to do many things. One being for 'interacting' (left/right clicking) signs, and I believe that the permission is > <.
    So am I correct by saying if I give players this permission, they would be able to left/right click signs? :eek:

    I later realised that this is the same with buttons, pressure plates, levers, doors, trapdoors, tripwires.

    I believe this issue is solved? :unsure::unsure::unsure:
  12. (Also, gave you all positive ratings for every reply you sent as you guys have helped a lot! :))
  13. Exactly, EssentialsAntiBuild was preventing interactions with certian things, if it works now then yep mark as solved so others can see how you fixed the same problem.
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  14. Yep was going to do that! Thankyou everyone for helping! :D Much appreciated.
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