ServerSigns not working

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by snickyboy, May 1, 2017.

  1. I am trying to set up a ServerSign that changes your rank when you right click it.

    I.e. /svs add /pex user <player> group set Warrior

    However, whenever a player right-clicks the sign, it says they do not have enough permissions. I have tried running the commands through the console which did absolutely nothing. How do I get this to work?
  2. Aren't you an xyz player?

    You can't add individual permissions for PEX commands. Please send me your configuration along with the plugin you're using.
  3. PEX and ServerSigns

    I just need the sign to run a command for the player that the player wouldn't normally be able to do. I have tried putting and * before the command but that did not seem to work.

    *pex user <player> group set Warrior

    Did not work either
  4. Make a PEX group add yourself to the group. Then just switch over to the other group with the sign command
  5. Server signs work everything else not working when using signs for the shop on my server and players right click sign get items selling it was working about 2 years but stop working as a few months ago not sure why and if because plugin too out date and if someone helps fix it or find a new plugin similar to server signs. Anyone has the same problem or know about please message me back. Thanks
  6. When a player uses a sign do you get an error in the console? If so, please go to
    then go paste the link to the error here. If you aren't getting an error, then your configuration for the ServerSigns may have error in it self. Here if you need help.
  7. Yeah, not sure could be configuration like server signs works. But the only thing does not work is my shop signs shop that server signs use it work a few years and then stop working my sign shop during 1.13 update and only shop plugin I have on my server signs. I try to use other sign shops did not work either.
  8. Give them the permission "serversigns.use.*"