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  1. I need to a serversigns give me an enchanted item with Knockback 10
  2. you can make the signs do a give command where you specify the enchanted item and what enchantments it should have.
  3. I am the post maker from the phone account.
    I made a rpgitem and i need to give it enchanted by knockback 12
  4. There was a command for make a hand item to be gived?
  5. Basically what you wanna do is make a sign. Then use a plugin like Command Signs and make it execute the command to give a player an enchanted weapon.

    Command can look something like this:
    Code (Text):

    give 278 1 unbreaking:3 efficiency:5 silktouch:1 name:&dGodPickaxe lore:&1Enjoy_Your_Pickaxe!_:)
    I think it defaults to the player clicking it. So it will give the player clicking it the item.
    This item has unbreaking 3 efficiency 5 silktouch 1 and a fun name and lore.