Spigot ServerSigns v4.7.0

Easily apply complex commands to in-game blocks

  1. It is not possible. ServerSigns commands can be only applied to one block and not one type of block automatically.
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  2. Zaino60


    Is there any reasons for broadcast not working with PAPI placeholders?
  3. No there is not.
    Do you have the result you want you do /papi parse me <your message> ?
    Maybe you forgot to download the papi extension ? Or maybe there is a wrong letter somewhere.
  4. EDIT: I possibly spoke too early cuz it seems dev.bukkit is having technical internal problems.

    Now that the plugin's dev.bukkit page is deleted, the links are dead.
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  5. commands:
    - 'player: lobby'

    lobby command not found.
    lobby command is handled by bungeecord plugin in-game, but it does not work with your plugins.
  6. /svs add <server> warp lobby <player>

    That's how it's set on non Bungee, i'll try find the solution for you before the Dev answers.

    Or you can go to Serversigns Github and request support there with your specific issue.

    or try

    /svs add /command
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  7. BungeeCord commands are not yet supported.
    You can use a plugin that can execute commands from bukkit, like CommandForward.
    The feature is already in the todolist.
  8. Hello can you add pser-sign costs for CMI support?
  9. Hello, ServerSigns support vault and CMI too so it should work as expected. Did you try with modified vault version they tell to use on CMI webpage ?
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  10. Hi,

    I'm getting this Error

    [05:26:42 ERROR]: [ServerSigns] The updater could not contact dev.bukkit.org for updating.
    [05:26:42 ERROR]: [ServerSigns] If you have not recently modified your configuration and this is the first time you are seeing this message, the site may be experiencing temporary downtime.
    [05:26:42 ERROR]: [ServerSigns] null

    Is the Site down?

    For now i've turned off look for updates and manually checking.
  11. Hello,

    The web site seems up now, if you try to enable it again does it work or does it still give the same error ?
  12. Hello, i have been having a loooong chat with the nice EpicCanard about trying to make something:
    With the plugin /playershop you can open the gui shop of each player /playershop Espinete87 and i want that the players can create their own shop with a sign, due the plugin is not working and is outdated, the rest works perfect!
    So we have been making many tries, even with Mycmd plugin, and all the plugins that i have tested we end up in the same point, using
    /svs add playershop <player> makes that the player who click on the sign get opens his own shop, not the shop of the player who made it.

    Please could you help me to find a solution, i have been trying this for 3 days.
    If you want we can talk by Espinete87#8434 im willing to make a donation
  13. The solution suggested by MyCmd doesn't work ?
    I thought all was ok.
  14. Yes it worked, thanks for the help guys
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  16. The release is on the way, I'm just waiting validation from bukkit website :)
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  17. Hello, is there a way to remove tally use count? I have made a CTF minigame, and after 3 tally use, i want to reset to 0, but i'dont see any command who can perform that, any help?