session.lock world file problem ($15) bounty

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  1. hi guys, I'm currently having problems with the server recently. basicly every 7 - 12hours, the server gives an error that it says i have to delete session.lock manually and restart the server to avoid further problems. and i've done it for about four times now since two days ago. This is causing me serious problems

    what i found on the log file before the error came in :

    what i see on the console while it was happening

    bounty : 15$ whoever gets to help fix this issue, you can give me instructions on how to prevent this from ever happening again and if it works, i will be paying you $15.

    if i have to delete the world, that's out of the options as there's 6months worth of builds in there and i dont have any plans on ever resetting it and will probobly kill the server instantly.
    player base : 40 - 70 when it's happening

    Most recent plugins i added : theunderground and yamler.
  2. Try removing yamler, the error has to do with files, and yamler does a lot with those....
    If you want I can create a simple plugin that deletes the session.lock when the server shuts down?
  3. oh i see yamler does something, ill probobly delete it and if its still not fixed. ill probobly have to ask for a plugin to remove the session.lock file when server shuts down.

    oh btw whenever the session.lock file ask me to restart the server and delete them, the server is still running and it doesn't turn off by itself. what i mean is that if im not online on the server and this happens. it'll cause alot of issues doesn't?
  4. In what state is it running? With plugins loaded?
  5. Try deleting that problematic chunk. (x=-721 y=50 z=5016)

    Use dinnerbone's calculator to find that chunk region:

    Delete that region (r.-23.156.mca) in your world/region directory. Restart your server and let it generate a new one.

    * Before you start deleting that region, make a backup) *
  6. looks like deleting yamler didn't help at all.
  7. Open an SSH terminal to your machine, make sure you are connected as the root user:
    Code (Text):
    sudo ulimit -n unlimited
    This will raise the allowed number of files to be open at the same time.
  8. i raised the number of files open at the same time, now just waiting for it to happen. will wait for 8 - 10hours for it.