Set grow speed of seeds

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  1. Hi
    Is there any way to set the grow speed of a seed? If i have the location of the seed how would i do it?

    Thank you :)
  2. Celebrimbor


    In your spigot.yml, you can change the growth modifier server wide.
  3. @Celebrimbor yea i know that, and i now you can change the gamerule, but it's not what i want. I wan't to make so only some seeds of same kind can grow at two different speed
  4. As far as i know there is no good way of handling this, the only possible thing that i can think of is using some kind of delayed or looping task to make them grow but that's probably not a very stable and good way to handle it.
  5. @martijnpold but how would i grow it with a loop? I do know how to make the loop, it's the growing part i don't how to do.
  6. Crops grow when they recieve a random tick. Idk whether spigot has a way to activate a block tick, or if you have to use NMS. You could store all placed crops in a list (dont forget to remove them when they are destroyed) and update them with a RepeatingTask.
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  7. Thanks you @Jo_Jo_2000 i will take a look at the NMS part ;)

    I'm still open for further solutions