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  1. Before I say anything, YES, I know there's a method called "teleport", and that's not what I want. To the problem we go.

    So I have an armor stand following a player when the player clicked it. It all works fine with the teleport method, but I'm nitpicking stuff like crazy that I noticed a slight delay of teleportation and wanna get rid of it.

    For those of you doesn't know, teleporting in minecraft doesn't "teleport" you, it just makes you go from one place to another with insane speed(at least it looks like so after 15 minutes of staring at an armor stand chasing my test subject).

    So my question is: Is there a way to simply constrain the coordinate to the armor stand?

    Let's say it this way. The teleport method is like you running to school at insane speed with your legs. The method I wish for is me getting to school by doing nothing. What's the difference? Doing-nothing method doesn't show your movement.

    If there's no way, is there any alternatives? I thought of killing the old armor stand and spawning a new one. By doing this I got rid of the weird delay, but the armor stands don't get removed if I try adding items to it.
  2. Let the armorstand ride the player
  3. You might be able to remove the entity and spawn it again if both chunks are loaded.
    (I don't know what happens if the destination chunk is unloaded, does the entity spawn when the chunk is loaded next time?)
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I like your idea but what Im doing needs the armor stand to be dynamic, meaning I cant always have it on the player.

    Problem is I cant get it to spawn properly while removing the previous copy, and that's super annoying

    Anyway, Im gonna stick with the teleport method now. After a good night sleep I stop nitpicking like no one has ever done. Thanks for the help!
  5. The client is the one that does this "insane speed" thing. Its a side effect of keeping normal movement smooth so it doesnt look like every player is glitching around as they walk/run. Teleporting simply updates the position from A to B, the exact same way the server and client communicate walking from A to B. There are no middle coordinates sent from server to client in either scenario, its all client rendered for smooth gameplay experience.
  6. First time ever thinking that smooth gameplay is just here trying to make me mad xD

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