Sethome Glitch

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  1. Hello guys so I have been checking around for glitchs on my server and I saw that if someone /sethome in water lava etc it will tp them somewhere else, I mean if there is a base in water or a base covered with lava it will auto teleport them inside the base. Is there any way to block it?
  2. EssentialsX has these modules which should fix this problem:
    Code (Text):
    teleport-safety: true
    force-disable-teleport-safety: true
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  3. I set them to true or false to fix this problem?
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  4. You must set it to true
  5. What line is it at I cant find it
  6. Use the CTRL+F control and use the "World Finder"
  7. Actually, just to clarify, you need to set "teleport-safely" to false, not true.
  8. True Or False ....?
  9. Its in the config ?
  10. Plugin - EssentialsX - Config.yml?
  11. /plugins/Essentials/config.yml
    Edit this line to false:
    Code (Text):
    teleport-safely: true