Solved setLore not working for me. Please help

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  1. Code (Text):
        public void getUses(ItemStack itemInHand, Player p) {
            List<String> lores = itemInHand.getItemMeta().getLore();
            lores.add(5, "addddd"); //String.valueOf(Integer.valueOf((lores.get(4))) - 1));
    then i do
    Code (Text):
                getUses(p.getItemInHand(), p);
    and NOTHING happens
  2. [​IMG]

    You are modifying a copy of the ItemMeta. The original is still intact and unchanged on the item.

    You have to set the meta back to the item.

    Code (Text):
        ItemMeta meta = itemInHand.getItemMeta();
        List<String> lores = meta.getLore();
        lores.add(5, "addddd");
  3. Additional always check your item if it has an itemMeta and lore first before doing anything to prevent a null pointer exception when the item does not hava a lore a common mistake I make
  4. i checked it before i executed the method
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  5. If you are simply adding to it you do not have to null check. Simply getting the meta will create it if its not already there. That's why there is a #hasItemMeta() method. If you do #getItemMeta() == null it will always be false because if there wasnt any there it creates it automatically. ;)
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