Solved setspawn perm on all groups?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Shadow13619, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. I noticed while setting up permissions on my groups that all of them including default group can /setspawn even though none of the groups have essentials.setspawn and I removed the global groups from their inheritance list?

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  2. Can I see the permissions.yml file please, This will better help me understand what is wrong.
  3. For my Essentials? Or just the permissions.yml
  4. The permissions file from the plugin that you use to setup permissions.
  5. Im using GroupManager and also I believe this would be the permissions file for it?

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  6. Please in the love of lord don't use GM, and use something like PEX or something. Also the solution to your problem is:
    Give the permission: essentials.setspawn to everyone you want using it and give the permission -essentials.setspawn (with the the dash at the start) to those who you don't want using it.
  7. Doesn't seem to work with that solution.
  8. Just use PEX and tell me if it works. It's probably GMs fault.
  9. I used pex but some how groups still have /setspawn permission even though they don't have that permission also they had /banip permission as well which confused me when they don't have these permissions. I switched back to GM and now it's just /setspawn
  10. Does the issue continue if you just have GM/Pex and essentials installed? If not this may be issue with another plugin. If it does, try seeing if the issues continues with a default essentials folder and default GM/Pex folder.

    This was marked as solve but judging by your last post it is not, so you will want to remove that.
  11. Well i meant to reply but i somehow fixed it by reinstalling gm and deleting the gm folder