Setting Biome for server world generation.

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  1. I have an existing Spigot server.
    I am making a survival server that I want to generate with the Extreme Hills Biome.
    I have used Google and searched and I can find nothing concrete.

    How do I set my server to generate a world with the Extreme Hills Biome?
  2. The simpleway is creating a new world localy and then uploading it to the server.

    1.13 Create New Word - More World Options - World Type: Buffet - Customize - Mountains
    1.12 Create New Word - More World Options - World Type: Customized - Customize - Move Biome Slider

    Then you dont need to mess with any plugin or the server

    (Name the local world to the same name as the current server world)
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  3. Yes, I would normally do this. I would normally create the world locally and upload it via FTP. I am just trying to expand my horizons.
  4. And by that you mean?

    There is no need to mess with plugins for no reason if the solution is in vanilla minecraft.
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  5. It is not a plugin I am using, rather, changing configuration files that define the seed.
    I guess I can use the tried and true method of using single player and uploading the world.
  6. Well, you can also mess around with the level.dat file as that controlls world generation