1.18 Setting/Changing the world environment from overworld to nether, after the world has been generated

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by FlameFOxYT, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. hi, I've been trying for some time to change the world environment to nether after stuff has already been built there, and I had some issues, first I tried changing the biome,
    Code (Text):

    for (int y = 8; y <101; y++) {
        for (int z = -100; z <= 100; z++) {
            for (int x = -100; x <= 100; x++) {
                arena.setBiome(x,y,z, Biome.NETHER_WASTES);
    however it did not change the sky to the red nethery sky which is what I'm trying to achieve,
    then I tried doing this
    Code (Text):

    WorldCreator worldCreator = new WorldCreator("arena");
    and restarting the server, and it completely removed what I built, if any of you have ideas of how to change the world environment I would love to know, and as always, thank you the spigot community!
  2. You need send chunk update