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  1. How Do I Remove "<" and ">" from display name?
    My code
    Code (Text):
    player.setDisplayName("§dAssault §8| §f" + player.getName());
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  3. if you are using essentialschat you can remove < and > in the config
  4. Your Such Big Help!
    Code (Text):
        public void onChat(AsyncPlayerChatEvent event) {
           event.setFormat(ChatColor.LIGHT_PURPLE + "%s" + ChatColor.WHITE + " : " + ChatColor.GREEN + "%s");
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    I assume that code came from here? It is a seriously good idea to actually learn how to do it rather than just ask to be spoon fed.
  6. By Learning, This is what I'm doing to learn why do you have to be soo mad?

    Isn't Spigot a place to post bugs/errors and ask for help. Isn't that how people learn?

    Where do u want me to learn? and get Stuck on a simple line of code for 4 hours because spigot surely fixed all my errors and doesn't take 4 hours to figure out what i did wrong. And I learn from them all in literally like 5 minutes.
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  7. There are very good tutorials for java here:

    Additionally a good source for help on java is
  8. Most people can edit code to help, but what you have initially was more or less useless to the request at hand.
    And yes, you may have solved the problem but what you learned is how to solve the exact problem, not learn how to apply similar coding elsewhere and possibly the reasoning behind it all.
    An oversimplified example would be:
    You learn that 2+2=4 and can replicate that whenever you get the question 2+2=? or 2+?=4 but when something a bit different rises such as 3+4=? You will be stumped as you learned the the line itself, not the steps and method to doing these problems. This is what spoon feeding code causes.
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    This doesn't look like someone who is trying to learn:

    You seem to be asking for help for the most trivial of things without even trying anything first yourself. You also have trouble with basic programming concepts which would suggest you probably need to learn something more about Java and programming in general before starting with Bukkit.

    You should almost never be stuck on a line of code for 4 hours working out why it doesn't work, this also shows that you don't completely understand what you are doing and/or are incapable of reading a stack trace and adding simple debugging output. You will learn a lot more if you spent 4 hours to try and understand what was going on before posting here asking for code.

    You should probably find yourself a good book or tutorial on Java and start from there. When you feel like you have a good grasp of the language and programming in general, then start making Bukkit plugins. For most things you have posted there are easily found solutions on Google, they don't always spoon feed you the code but you learn a lot more looking for an answer and working out problems than being given a solution.

    I'm also not sure why you already have a premium plugin as you seem to have a very limited understanding of anything programming related. From what I have seen you sadly do not seem to intend on becoming a better programmer or learn anything about Java, Bukkit or programming in general, you only seem to care about the end goal and don't seem to mind how you got there. For these reasons I would highly discourage anyone from buying your premium plugins.
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  10. LMAO I'm Done
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  11. Something else that might help is looking up (use google) how String.format works - otherwise you're going to run into issues when you put random % signs in your format string and wonder why it's breaking.
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