Setting up 2/more servers on 1 host

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by SexyMime, May 5, 2013.

  1. Hello.
    How would I go about setting up 2-3 servers on a host which I purchased which has 3 IPS.
    Would it be a simple matter of getting mcmyadmin up in 3 different locations and getting it running with all 3 separate IPS? Then just allocating the RAM?
  2. Are you planning to Bungee (I advise yes)? If so you don't need the 3 external IPs and obviously the advantages of interconnectivity.

    If Bungeeing
    You can just set the 3 servers to start on specific ports eg. 25001, 25002, 25003. Don't open those ports in iptables. Then have bungee running on 25565 and set it to connect to servers (etc.).
    Then open 25565 in iptables. Allocating the ram is as simple as starting it normally with the RAM specified? I can't talk about mcmyadmin usage as I just ssh in and control from there.