Setting Up CentOS using SoYouStart

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by KriticalMC, May 24, 2015.

  1. You just select CentOS on the order form.

    To get 1.8 Bukkit & Spigot jars, use BuildTools.
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  2. I need a 1.7.10 Spigot server that allows 1.7 clients with forge & bukkit? is there a direct download link?

    Thanks @BensDaMan
  3. All direct downloads are taken down due to the dmca, and i think you want Cauldron if you want to support both forge and bukkit, Cauldron is also down due to the dmca.
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  4. So how do I get spigot 1.7.10 with forge & bukkit?
  5. There is no legal way to achieve this.
  6. So how do I even make a 1.7 spigot server??!
  8. I can with shockbyte, so how do they do it?
  9. They aren't providing you access to the jar. They had it laying around before the DMCA. Retrieving it is what's illegal.
  10. After poking about, I found an old spigot build in my downloads folder, how do I make my server run spigot & forge?
  11. You don't make "spigot & forge". You need a forge jar, not spigot.
  12. I could help you, i got cauldron 1.7.10
    But if i would have to set it up for you and you wont be able to download it.
    Sorry, its just illegal.
    I'm providing an alternative so you CAN get it, but cant download it.
  13. If the OP wants to know i have cauldron versions..

    So, you are welcome to use them but i would have to manually upload to FTP. I can not give you access and you wont be able to download them. That is illegal.