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  1. Hi Guys.

    Just a quick question, how can I set up factions to run only in one world?

  2. Simple, just put the worlds you don't want it in in the config:
    Code (Text):
    "worldsNoClaiming": [],
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
  3. Where in the config Epic? I've got 2 json files in factions and in mcore?

    mcore is talking about setting up multiverses/universes/worlds ....

    getting a tad confused?
  4. Dmck2b

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    "worldsNoClaiming": [],
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
    "worldsIgnorePvP": [],

    In mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json
  5. I do not have an mstore folder?
  6. Dmck2b

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    It's in the root folder, like the plugins folder.

    If you don't have mstore, then you must be on an earlier version of factions, and I think theres a json called conf.json which it is in.
  7. ok, I deleted it all and rebuilt it. Now it's created the mstore folder :) Weird.

    So, I'm running various worlds. The only world I want factions to apply is in pvp_world.

    Do I define that world in the [] within the instance file? Or do i define the worlds I DO NOT want in

    "worldsNoClaiming":[creative_world, peaceful_world],
  8. Dmck2b

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    Define the worlds you don't want in there.
    So yeah, your example perfect.
    The syntax made me :c
    Or is it "creative_world"? Haven't jsoned in a while.
  9. ok, I did this and restarted, but can still claim in these worlds...

    "worldsNoClaiming": [hub, PlotMe, skyworld, world, world_nether, world_the_end],
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": [hub, PlotMe, skyworld, world, world_nether, world_the_end],
    "worldsIgnorePvP": [hub, PlotMe, skyworld, world, world_nether, world_the_end],
  10. Annnnd nope. It still allows me to create a faction in hub and claim land there?
  11. Dmck2b

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    You may have to add " around each worldname. I haven't done json in a while ._.
  12. And nope :( Can still claim in the hub. Is the , spacing the wrlds causing a problem?
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  14. sent you a message Dm :)
  15. Try this :

    "worldsNoClaiming": [
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": [
    "worldsIgnorePvP": [

    Don't forget to add the spaces before the lines like on the config file !
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  16. I have like this down, and i'ts saying "Unkow command", what is ok, but in the world i didn't put here /f command still doesnt work, why?

    "worldsNoClaiming": ["world", "hub", "world_the_end", "skyworld", "world_nether"],
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": ["world", "hub", "world_the_end", "skyworld", "world_nether"],
    "worldsIgnorePvP": ["world", "hub", "world_the_end", "skyworld", "world_nether"],
  17. please people help how to enable pushing block into someone else land.
    in last version of factions for 1.8 server
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  19. ?