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  1. So I currently own two proxies, now one proxy is for my US players and the other proxy is for the EU players. Now I am just wondering, is is possible to have two proxies that can connect together that connect to the same hub, same survival, etc?

    I know Mineplex & Hypixel do the same thing I think, where they use multiple proxies to connect to the whole server together.

    Thank you.
  2. Read about RedisBungee
  3. I got RedisBungee, just a little confused on how to set it up
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  5. What's the point in having a US and EU proxy if you're gonna send them to the same (for example EU) lobby? This will still get you bad latency for the opposite continent. You should seperate your network into two groups then. EU and US. This would include lobbies and gamemode servers.
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  6. Well my network runs of a EU VPS. I've got quite a lot of US players that play on a daily basis and I feel like the best problem to resolve the issue would be to, setup a US proxy for the US players to join through, which would be,, and then the US players would not have any lag/connection issues. Like the connections work n' stuff, but only problem is on the US proxy it's not showing the global count because I think the US proxy thinks it is, its own server.

    I can try and do the two groups. Setup two lobbies and setup the two proxies and just direct each proxy to each lobby, then just direct them to the same gamemode in the end
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  7. That's my entire point though. If you let someone join through a proxy near them, but you then forward them to a Spigot server in EU, you're not gonna solve any latency issues. Connection to the proxy would be great, but connection to the Spigot server would then still be "bad", or simply worse. You should simply make a clear border in my opinion. Make a good seperation of EU proxies and Spigot servers, and the same for US. If they join through a US proxy, send them to a US lobby, then a US game. Same for EU; they join through an EU proxy, send them to an EU lobby, then an EU game.
  8. Well we currently do not have any minigames/arcade games, I will just using Mineplex & Hypixel and references. We currently have Survival, with Creative & Skyblock coming along with it. If my network/server grows in the future, I will have EU games/US games, etc. All I am just generally asking for is to have two proxies to connect together, that go to one hub, then they can choose the gamemode they want to join which at the moment, would be survival
  9. Making the two proxies link to one lobby is just a matter of configuring the default server in bungeecord OR the use of some bungeecord lobby plugins. You can sync the player list/count with RedisBungee. I read that you find it confusing to setup? Is there any part where you're stuck?

  10. 1
    - So to use RedisBungee, does it have to be on both proxies?
    2 - Confused by the following - (Does it mean the proxy ip and port?)
    3 - and confused by exempt-ip-addresses. Does this mean a list of like the current servers that I have and that are currently running?
  11. Disclaimer: Never used it myself, but I'm pretty sure I know roughly how it works:
    1. Yes. All of your proxy servers need to connect to the Redis database. This is where each and every server will store its data temporarely (such as player count & player list).
    2. That would be your redis server IP and your redis port. These two settings are not Minecraft related, they're just there to connect to Redis.
    3. I'm not sure about this one. Maybe its just optional to prevent proxy servers from sharing their player info?
  12. Though this comment isn’t needed, this is quite interesting.
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  13. If you are starting a new network i recommend to have just one Hub then when you get players add more memory and hubs for stability of proxy

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