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  1. Paying someone to make a simple server. Fully customized and professional. Will give details, once thought of, and if you are interested.
  2. You're going to need to include a lot more details.

    Are you looking for someone to set a server up for you or develop the plugins for it?
    What kind of server?
    How much money are you talking?
  3. Yeah pm me if you rare interested
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    Click my post, it'll take you there.
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  5. While I am not against your intentions, I am going to say it and after a few months of the launching of your server, you'll remember this golden phrase:

    If you can't develop a server, you're not worthy of owning one.
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  6. I've owned one server prior to this and made 1000+ in donations. That proves that I can develop it. I just want someone more professional to do so.
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    That doesn't prove anything, talk is cheap lol. If you are so capable, it'd probably be cheaper if you build the best you can then hire someone to tweak it to make it better.
  8. I'd prefer not to mess up and make it at its finest.
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    Make it at its finest? I thought you created a server and made $1,000+ in donations. May I ask why that server failed?

    Also, again you're in the wrong section. Start with making your own server. Doing so helps create a connection between you and your files. I'm personally attached to Zyphior because it's been around since 2012. By having someone make your server for you is a disgrace to server owner's out there. Oh, and not to mention that if you get a server setup, you'll probably fail within the first month.
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  10. If you ask someone to make a server for you, you will always need that person since he's the one who knows exactly where all the files are and how everything is configured. You should start by yourself, then hire people to help you on things you don't understand very well or have trouble with.
  11. You have to created. Put your time,money into creating a server that will have player's If you just pay someone and take it from them that's nothing their you did not put anything into creating you just created the idea and paid.. Also I have learned that if you have someone created a server for you and you take it and try and update things/work on things change configs kinda hard. because you don't understand how the server was setup. I am a Head-Admin on a server and i have console and when I try and go into the configs I am so confused and have to learn that config and how it is setup. But if I look at my own config I I know what does what and everything. You can pay someone if you would like but trust me you will be happy at the end of the day that you created something wonderful and you put your hard work into it. You did the researched you fixed a bug. Don't have someone created for you that's no fun. The fun part of a Minecraft Server as a Owner is making it learning things and do it is fun!
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  12. Man, I busted my hump to get my server running, I may not have many players yet, but I've seen growth in a month. Just today I hit a steady 5 players enjoying the server. Why? Because I'm personally dedicated to developing the server. If you can't find the time to make your server more professional, then you shouldn't start a server.
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  13. See, that's a dedication there. I personally despise owners that quit after a week due to not meeting their expectations of getting 100 players on the launch day.
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  14. I don't think that's possible. You would have to be really good and already known in the community. Before being a server owner, I live stream. I'm not well known and never owned a server before, but I'm not about to pay some one to set up a server that I can just learn and get better at it. There is/shouldn't be an easy button.
  15. I know. I just wanted to make it clear for new, ambitious server owners that there's no way of getting that much players on the launch day unless you were a popular, died-out network a long time ago.
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  16. If good server were sellable, there wouldnt be as much bad ones.