Sever Lag When Players Join/Go Through Portals

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  1. I have tried to fix this multiple ways already by installing a new Minecraft version for the server and slowing down autosave intervals. It may be the server host or the plugins that are on it, which I am not sure about. I currently have only 3 plugins on the server and have 8 GB of RAM for the server. I don't remember when this started happening, I'm considering uninstalling plugins to see if it helps/if it is the cause.

    Normal Usages for CPU and RAM:
    CPU: 20-30%
    RAM: 35-45%

    When someone joins:
    CPU: Spike up to 100% for 1 sec then go back to normal
    RAM: 35-45%


    I am also curious if I do have to uninstall the plugins, if these would affect the world in any way, I don't think it would but would just like a second opinion. Thanks!
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  2. Is this on 1.14.1 spigot ?
    Chunk loading is indeed still an issue with it.
  3. Yes, it is 1.14 but I tried 1.14.1 which didn't help the problem at all. So do I just have to wait for updates in spigot or MC?

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