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  1. Hello!

    I've got several plugins I've currently got on the table that need to be coded for my new games on my network. However, I'm not sure if the approach I used to create them is best or the most optimal. These are the links to the plugins in question:

    My primary concerns are with the ShiftPath, ShiftEnchant and BuildBattle plugins. I'm a server owner myself, not a coder, so when it comes to off-the-wall plugin requests like these, I have absolutely no idea how to help. It also seems these particular plugins are quite challenging and no one wants to take them on.

    With that in mind, I'd like to know if there's any way I can achieve a similar end result with a different approach?

    For Shiftpath: How would you be able to make the platforms move. Would it be pasting schematics repeatedly, or some other method I never thought of?
    For ShiftEnchant: What is the simplest method of making weapons deal certain amounts of damage to armor (similar to Axes in McMMO).
    For BuildBattle: How does it know the confined area you select for each person and (dis)allow building within that area?

    With this information, I'll be better able to assist any developer that takes on the job.

  2. You can modify the final damage (after armor is equated) in an event, can't remember it by name, though (on mobile device currently)
  3. Thanks, that covers that. Anyone have any ideas for the other 2? It seems plugins that require moving/placing blocks and identifying regions are the hardest ones to handle :/
  4. For the shifting platforms, there would be no simple way for the player to shift along with it. Players standing on the platforms would have to keep walking in the shifting direction, or they would fall down eventually.
  5. I was aware of that as that's part of the challenge of the game. For the platforms themselves, though, what we be the easiest way for me to signify their paths?
  6. I see. One simple way would be to add a number of waypoints, and the platforms would just interpolate between them.
  7. Awesome, thanks for that.