Severe lag, out of idea ! Need help + timings + Read timed out

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  1. Hello,
    I manage a serveur on 1.5.1.
    When i have 30 players, it lag lag lag...
    Horrible !
    Running java 7 on a windows serveur 2008r2 x64
    My server is a Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 + 32 Go DDR3 + 2To SATA3 (not a VPS)
    With 100mbp/s to internet.

    Here is my timings 1 minute before the crash >
    And the .log end :

    Thank for your help !
    And sorry for my bad english ;)
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    Remove stats.
  3. All stats plugins espect me to lag ?
    Beacause stats is in sql, not flatfile.
    I remove it soon and i talk back
    Stay tuned for informations
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    Remove this plugin, it's most likely causing your lag. image.jpg
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    Look for the plugins that have red text and a black background. Those are the plugins that using more resources, remove the ones you don't need.
  6. I know how the timings work, thank you ;)
  7. Only because something is MySQL doesn't mean that its automaticly lagfree. If you have a bad connection to the mysql server you should better use flatfile or databases such as sqlite or hSQL.
  8. Mysql serveur is in localhost
  9. Well if the plugin is horribly optimized that won't matter.
  10. indeed, if the plugin is making lots of query's all on the main server thread that could be the culprit. Simple fix for the developers since they just have to throw all the SQL stuff in an async thread.
  11. A Pct Tick of 1,637.56% for McDocs. Wow I didn't know that was even possible.
  12. Recoded McDocs in CommandHelper, and bShortcut too.
    Stay tuned !
  13. LWC seems to have quite a hit on the InventoryMoveEvent (I think only Spigot has this event currently). Maybe it would be useful to contact the LWC developer on IRC and ask him for support.
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  14. In the past i have used Lockette but I was told he has got a big memory leak so I switch to lwc.
    My LWC run in MySQL, this is more fast, isn't it ?!