Severe server lag

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  1. i have exactly the shame issue. Exactly.
  2. Can you check the view-distance in the ?
  3. Set to 10
    Should not be an issue
  4. Honestly, it seems like you have a lot of entities in your world, maybe there are too many entities that are loaded in your chunks, so maybe consider lower this value, it can be useful.
  5. Minecraft is only a single threading task so the number of threads doesn't matter. It might be useful for website, forum, etc. but not the minecraft sever itself.

    EDIT: as mentioned too, there are too many entities for 13 players
  6. Well the server somehow works with all the threads, it seems like it has been made possible by the host. The CPU usage can go over 500%, so thats normal
    Also, how do I reduce the mobs? I never found out where they are and the bukkit.yml option appears to do nothing
  7. I think the "entities" that makes your server lag are armor stand, chest and other things since I've seen :
    "CHEST: 2321"
    "CHEST: 386"
    "COD: 597"
    "GUARDIAN: 955"
    "ARMOR_STAND: 612"
    "ITEM_FRAME: 192"
    "CHEST: 418"
  8. You should use ClearLagg to prevent from these lags...
  9. Do not use clear lag. Use farm limiter, or some sort of mob limiter. Also for reducing mobs you can edit bukkit.yml and spigot.yml
  10. First of all, we have CLearlagg, chests are tiles not entities, I removed all hostile mobs and the tps rose to 17, what else? I already edited the bukkit.yml
  11. In, I would decrease view-distance to either 6 or 7 and in spigot.yml decrease mob-spawn-range to 5. In bukkit.yml, change spawn-limits.ambient to 0. In spigot.yml, I would crease entity-activation-range for animals from 32 to 24. Finally, change ticks-per.hopper-check from 1 to 3.
  12. Doesnt the activation distance decreasing increase lag?
  13. Can you send a new timings report now ?
  14. Not today anymore, sorry, its 10 pm here and I have exams tomorrow, will tty tmrw
  15. Decreasing entity-activation-range will stop ticking entities a distance greater than the provided number, meaning the lower the number the less server processing which means you should have less lag.
  16. Ah okay, thanks